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     Finding Healing in Times of Distancing

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distance healing selenite grid with fluo

I pray that each of you has managed to find some peace and comfort during this time of lock-down and uncertainty. 

Many are reporting that after the initial period of feeling unsettled and confused they have been able to identify within themselves a broader sense of understanding about who they are becoming and have been all along, with expanded perceptions, for which they are grateful. Of course, our new ways of living and socializing continue to constrain us at times, even as they change, ebbing and flowing like the tides, at other times feeling like roadblocks. And so it goes.  It continues to be about staying safe, keeping others safe, and finding peace and resources.

While I have been able to partially reopen my private practice using thorough precautions, I have also decided to increase my offerings to clients.  Distance Healing is such an effective modality that I have recently been treating clients across the miles.  This is proving to be a great opportunity for those who are not candidates for one-on-one treatments in an office setting.  It is of particular interest to those who are absent from the Cape, are ill,  or who are not yet ready to enter spaces other than their homes.  We know that energy is not limited by time, space, or distance, so Distance Healing is a natural avenue for Vibrational Healing.  I offer these treatments from my personal prayer and meditation space in my home.

                          Here are images of how a treatment session may look, displaying Chakra Proxy and treatment tools.

                                       How we plan and experience a Distance Healing session

A Distance Healing is scheduled over the telephone. During that call I ask the client to select a comfortable place (preferably not a bed) to relax at home during the treatment, and to choose appropriate soothing music to play in the background. The plan will be to turn off the phone, use an eye pillow or small towel to eliminate light distraction, and request quiet alone time from family.

An important part of treatment is the use of a thoughtful brief intention from the client.  An intention is an affirmation, a simple statement using positive words only, about what the client hopes to receive from the treatment. The client does not need to share this with me; it is a personal intention.

My intentions for treatment are simple and positive. I ask that everything that results from the treatment be for the highest good of the client.  

Just before the treatment is due to begin, we share a phone call to make sure everything is comfortable and in place. 

Treatments are perhaps 45 minutes long.  A few minutes after we have finished, I call to touch base, share experiences, and see if there are questions.  I recommend that each client hydrate well following the treatment and for the next 24 - 36 hours. 


And finally, please enjoy a look at the little owl family that may be nearby as your energy treatment happens.

This is baby owlet, Papa and Mama.  Great owl energy surrounds this sacred space.

owl face in box.JPG
owl face.JPG
baby owl face.JPG
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